Friday, January 20, 2012

Black Mould Removal - Tips and Info

Black Mould Removal

If you have black mold in your house then it would be in your best interest to call one of many mold inspection companies and get mold testing done, before you try Black Mould Removal.

I say that because black mold can be very toxic and if you don't take it serious you can cause yourself an family serious health problems.
Mold can cause sinus and digestion tract infections or lung and skin infections. So again take it very serious before you try black mould removal yourself.

You also need to be aware that black mold can grow and spread very easily. In this picture on the upper left the table had black mold growth from a near by water valve.

Black Mould Removal Tips Where to find the Cause or Black Mold

If you have already had your mold testing done and if you decide to try and tackle this job yourself then I hope these tips can help.

First you need to find the cause, the reason why you are having mold growth. I will give you a few example where I have found water damage mold that might allude you.
  • Lets start in the Attic - If you have your central air system in the attic and if your condensation line plugs up. The water has no place to go but inside the house either through the duct work or it can leak out of the system and onto your ceiling. This will soak the insulation and cause the mold to grow there and you might even see it grow through the drywall on the ceiling itself. The water can even flow down the walls and then you might see water damage mold on your walls. Now i already mentioned that the water can get into the duct work of the ventilation system. But what i haven't said is that this is a very common place to find black mold. If you have this problem than the problem might be bigger than you can handle. I only say that because every time the air conditioner turns on it will blow mold spores through out the house. You might even have attic black mold because your insulation was installed wrong. Attics are maid to breath and if the insulation is covering the attic vents then the attic will become very humid and that will cause mold growth. Now the last area i will cover in the attic is bathroom vents. I have seen homes where a contractor that built the house or a DIY person like your self might have forgot to vent the vent pipe out of the house, instead its laying in the attic and every time someone takes a shower and the exhaust vent gets turned on then all that water vapor gets pumped into the attic and causes mold growth. To inspect the attic properly you need to call one of many professional mold inspection companies.
  • Now lets look for basement Mold - If you have a basement and its not leaking but you still have a mold problem here are a few places you might want to look. First like in the attic if you have your central air system installed check just like all of the above. Next look up at the water pipes, if you live in a humid area then the cold water pipe can sweat and be the cause of the water damage mold. This can be a simple fix by just insulating the pipes. If you have a bathroom and a shower in the basement you might not even have the shower vented and all that humidity will collect as condensation on the floor joists and black mold can grow there as well.
Now I hope these tips help you find where your black mold problem could be coming from. Now this was just a few tips on where to look. I didn't even mention roof leaks and window problems because those would be the obvious.

Black Mould Removal - What not to do

If you have black mold on drywall, do not pain over it and think the problem is solved. You can not do black mould removal that way. Here is why, drywall is like a sponge when it gets wet and the insulation behind the drywall will most likely also be wet and have black mold. I have a picture of this below. You will most likely need to remove the drywall and the insulation and dry it out and then fix the cause and then repair it.

Do not leave your central air system on while your doing black mold removal clean up. Because you do not want it turning on as you disturb the mold and have it blown throughout the house.

Do not do black mould removal without using protective clothing and that includes a respirator.

Mold removal cost, so if you call a contractor be sure to ask if they offer free estimates. If they do try and get several quotes so you can get the best price and don't forget to check references or the Better Business Bureau.

Black Mold behind the drywall


  1. Ewww.. Yes, this word comes in my mind when i hear the word mold. But these tips helped me a lot. Thanks a lot for helping me.

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  2. Yes, It is important that we inspect and detect mold growth in our homes. Molds can be easily detected through discoloration and smell. The discoloration that is caused by mold may be of any color, but remember that not all discoloration is mold growth. It may be spoiled or soot.

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  3. Not only can plain white vinegar that you find in the supermarket help to kill mold, but it can also help from mold and mildew forming in the first place. Use a half and half water to vinegar solution and wipe down your showers and shower doors. The vinegar naturally helps to prevent and inhibit the formation of mold and mildew.

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  4. Thanks for this awesome information! A couple years ago I was helping a friend of mine pull up her carpet because she was getting some new carpet and we found black mold underneath the carpet where the t.v was! We called right away for a mold inspection before we did anything else. Luckily, that was the only spot she had mold but it's better safe than sorry.Thanks again for the helpful information.

  5. When mold grows, it spreads and develops spores. Those spores are then released into the air and can drift to other surfaces in your home or building. When your property has mold or mildew, your air quality is reduced and your overall health may suffer.

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  7. I am at that stage in life when I am fed up of having job related mould and dust illnesses such has pneumonia, and has a contractor I often want to say to clients (especially the awkward or pompous amongst them) "O.K do the job yourself", meaning and unknown to them I’m saying "O.K. Go and kill yourself".

    Over the years, 50 to be exact, I have went from being super-polite, well mannered and obliging to being highly choosy indeed to who I/we work for, if I do not like a client I invariably make some excuse and leave their home telling them first "Sorry, we are too busy to entertain more work just yet". Surprisingly very few grasp the fact that I am being nasty in a way. What you may ask triggers off this sales-persons suicide reaction in me: Well it is clients who have you driving 50 miles to attend an appointment with them, and on arrival tell you they are too busy right now to see you and request can you come back tomorrow, it is clients who shout at their wives or family, and clients who try to humble or impose on you, or worst of the lot those who think I'm his/ her slave, servant or employee.

    I recall the millionaire who had me waiting in their garage for one hour whilst he/they talked to friends, the Police Officer who did the same thing, and the couple who had drawn up a long list of instructions for the work crew to observe, these commands included "Thou Shalt Not Speak to my Wife", and ended if you need to visit the toilet - do not ask to use ours, go into town and find one there. All these people I hope got a cowboy job, and to be frank it's what they deserve. I think all contractors should have the right to hand all home owners a leaflet/flyer on Legionnaires’ disease with the words 'read this', and scare the living daylights out of him, then leave. The nice ones I respect with a super-job.

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  9. My brother's house have been accummulated by black molds and its very difficult to remove them. I said to him to call some companies and he did. They even gave him their blogs for updates.