Monday, February 4, 2013

DIY Toxic Black Mold Removal - Can You Do it Yourself?

DIY Black Mold Removal

If you don't have that much of a black mold problem, about 9 square feet or less then yes you can DIY black mold removal, after all mold removal cost. If the area is larger than 9 square feet then you really need professional advice and removal. If you do decide to try and do your own black mold removal or even white mold removal please make sure you do all mold safety procedures.This includes wearing all the right protective clothing so
you don't spread the mold or cause black mold poisoning.

There is no point in doing the mold removal if you don't fix the cause!

Mold need a water source or moisture to grow. So, finding and fixing the cause of your mold growth will keep it from coming back after you remove it. Anywhere there is moisture that has accumulated can allow the black mold to grow so look for leaks in your roof or chimney, leaking pipes especially those that are hidden in walls and floors, condensation especially in bathrooms, blocked or leaking gutters etc. You should also check the humidity in your home and and make sure that it is below 55%. A hygrometer can be used for this and you should make sure that you check, not just the usual living areas, but also your basement, your attic, inside closets and cupboards especially those used for storing food and in your bathroom. If you find the humidity is above 55% then you will need to deal with this by using dehumidifiers. In bathrooms and basements make sure that you have adequate ventilation.

Toxic Black Mold Removal
  1. Preventing Black Mold Spores From Spreading - Before you begin removal of the black mold you need to consider the ways that you are going to use to prevent any of the toxic spores from spreading through your home. Each room needs to be treated separately and you will need to seal off the room properly before you start. Shut off any ventilation systems and use heavy-duty plastic bags and duct tape to seal vents, windows and doors. You need to keep the dust levels as low as possible so before you start mist the area lightly mist with water to damp down any dust that may be caused during the removal process.
  2. Removing the Black Mold - Once you have the room adequately sealed and the area to be treated damped down you can start to clean. Thoroughly clean using soap and then disinfect with a preparation specifically made to kill mold. Black mold may be growing in areas where it is not visible so you need to clean all the surfaces where the spores may have landed. After cleaning the areas thoroughly dry them. Non-porous materials such as plastics, metals, glass etc. can be reused. Some semi-porous materials, such as wood and concrete, may have been so damaged that they need to be replaced and many porous materials such as paper, ceiling tiles, carpets, insulation etc. can be so heavily damaged by black mold that they may also be unusable.
  3. Disposing of Contaminated Materials - It is important that you do not dispose off contaminated materials in such a way that you reinfect other areas of your home. All contaminated material should be placed in heavy duty plastic bags and sealed carefully. Do not carry the infected materials through your house but use a window to place the bags directly outside. They can then be taken to a landfill for proper disposal.

Preventing Black Mold Regrowing

The best way to keep you from having mold growth in your house is to keep your house dry and clean. If you have high humidity levels then maybe you should get yourself a dehumidifier you help lower it. Some water problems might not be easy to solve or find. You could have plugged drier vents or they could be improperly installed. You could also have bathroom vents installed wrong and not vented outside the home. You could get mold growth from a plugged condensation line from the air conditioners. You might want to have a mold inspection done to help find the cause of your mold growth.

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  1. Black Mould is always dangerous, so through ventilation system keep always from house. This is not a 100% remedy but somethings we sure for that. Mould removal