Friday, November 4, 2011

Mold Remediation Equipment - Mold Removal Safety Gear

Mold Remediation Equipment

If you are going to do your own Mold Removal then you will need the proper Mold Remediation Equipment and Mold Removal Safety Gear. This is to protect you and help keep you from spreading the mold throughout the house and making the problem worse.

There are a lot of Mold Health Risks related to mold and mold removal so it is very important that you do the job right. If you do not have the ability to do the job correctly then call and get quotes. You might be surprised that Mold Removal Cost are not as bad as you might think it
is. Most companies will give you a free estimate and when calling go ahead and let them know you interested in a free estimate. If they can they will and if they can't then move to the next company.

I know you want to do your own mold removal yourself. I am only bring up getting estimates because by the time you buy all the mold equipment you will need you could have paid someone to do the job and do it right. Depending on the job of-course, If the job is larger than 3 foot by 3 foot squared I recommend you call a professional. If it is smaller than I am sure you can do it yourself.

Mold Remediation Equipment Safety First:
  • Coveralls - You are going to want to get disposable coveralls with hood if you can find it. You will also need disposable boot covers. You will need several pairs of all of this so when you take a break you can take it off and put on clean ones before you start again. Do not wear this through out the house once you start your mold removal because you will defeat the hole purpose and spread the mold. This is to protect you and keep the mold off your cloths so you don't spread it in the house.
  • Gloves - You will also need disposable Nitrile gloves you can get them in a 100 pack.
  • Respirator and Goggles - This is important because you really want to protect your eyes and sinuses and lungs from mold spores. I recommend that you get a full face mask with filters. They are more expensive but they do give you good protection.I recommend the 3M 67097 Mold Remediation Respirator Kit you can get it online or at most home stores. It gives you great eye and respiratory protection.This respirator meets EPA guild-lines for Mold Remediation.

Now that we have you protected go check out the mold remediation equipment that you will need to keep the mold from spreading throughout the house. Do not skip this because it is very easy to spread mold throughout the house and make the problem worse.


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