Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How do you Know if Mold is Making you Sick

How do you know if Mold is making you Sick

Molds found in homes like white mold or black mold or any other mold can cause health problems. So how do you know if mold is making you sick or if it is something else in the home? Well, there are so many black mold symptoms that cause mold sickness. If you do have mold or mildew in your home and your having health issues then the chances are that the mold is causing some if not all of these problems.

If you do have a mold problem in your home then you need to have it removed as soon as possible. If you do
not know how to remove mold safely then do not try and do this yourself, you could easily make it worse. Yes mold removal cost can add up. However, it can be very reasonable if you have it done because it grows out of control.

Molds are everywhere and most of the time, they annoy us especially when they are found inside our private spaces. They are too just appear everywhere even in the least expected places. When they grow in large numbers, that's when we have to worry. They can bring danger to human health such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Although there are mold beneficial to us, there are still a lot that can threaten out health. One example of a beneficial mold product is penicillin. However, when a person is subjected to very high levels of this byproduct, it can cause neurological disorders and in some cases, death. Luckily, this type of exposure rarely happens even in houses with grave mold problems.

Molds can cause irritation to the eyes, throat and lungs. They can also cause allergic reactions, trigger asthma and rhinitis attacks, sinus congestion and some respiratory problems. When a person's immune system is weak, molds can attach themselves to the respiratory tract and cause further problems.

A more serious health threat caused by molds is the systemic fungal infection. The sinus and the digestive tract are most vulnerable to this type of infection. Skin and lung infections are also potential.

Molds can be detected by their smell. They emit liquids or low volatile gases but the concentration might be too low to be detected. To determine the capacity of molds to be harmful, an analytical sampling test is required.

So, how do you know if mold is making you sick? Well if you have mold in your home then chances are it is causing some health issues. The growth of molds in residences and buildings can cause a lot of health issues, if you have it then get it removed.

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